SQT’s. Im an Angry Elf!!

I love the SQT’s idea so I am continuing it again this week…

1.     Rough week…motherhood is HARD. Life isn’t all peaches (we all know this right?? Lol) and I had to rely on Jesus and Mary ALOT this week.  I’m sleep deprived and losing my patience pretty often . I am struggling with getting angry and all the “COME ON…R U SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?” Moments…  When I’m over tired.. I get angry.  Maybe it’s grief..anxiety..depression or just lack of sleep…who knows…but I’m working on it.  The past 1.5-2 yrs have been pretty stressful so I think that I’m probably responding to it all now.

3.  I listened to a great podcast that gave me some clarity on this situation today .  All of these faults of mine need to come out on to the table…oh yes, there are A LOT . If you are having a similar struggle then check out this podcast..Abiding Together Part 3 Doctors of the Church

4.    I took the four younger kids to vote and show them the importance of voting .  We are supposed to do this right?? Actually, I would have gone myself if I could…but I pretended it was a teaching moment . It’s weird to think that in the next election, my oldest daughter will be voting with me!


5.  That little girl also got a fever this week but it only lasted about 12 hours and she seems to be doing better….so thank you God for that!

6 .   We started with the Christmas songs and Christmas cupcakes and Christmas movies .

I’m sure I’ll be judged but I’m willing to risk it . We (I) love Christmas songs and choose to listen to them while they r free on the radio.  The cupcakes were my bribe to get us thru Walmart and because it’s an easy keep them busy activity so… Go for it kids!  Also, why stop there?? I’m about ALL in at this point .


They also ate them for breakfast today…

7.  As I type this, two of my kids are creating a dance to Jingle Bell Rock.  Maybe…MAYBE..I will post it on YouTube….  Maybe when I stop being an angry elf….😂 .  What is WRONG with me?? 😂😁

There you have it Folks!!! Almost TURKEY day!!! What are YOU doing for Thanksgiving??

Don’t forget to check out Kelly’s blog at This ain’t the lyceum!


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Cradle Catholic, Christian, 6 living kids and 2 Saints, homeschooling, unorganized, winging it, living on a prayer type of mom.

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