Seven Beautiful Moments in time…

I was trying to find a title that could tie together the 7 random things I wanted to blog about and after a quick prayer, the Holy Spirit gave me the much needed reminder. These ARE 7 BEAUTIFUL moments from the past few weeks. I need the reminder because I forget so quickly or I assume that because part of the day went bad than the whole day is a loss and that’s simply not true. It’s important to live moment by moment and appreciate each moment while we are in it. I preach this because I don’t do it but I am a work in progress. Here are my moments….

1. Finding a 9 foot Santa on sale IMG_20181125_122220765_HDR.jpg

2. Watching our town’s Christmas parade with the younger crew…

3. Watching my kids put together the Christmas tree…my husband is usually in charge of this each year because I would rather not have a tree but it’s nice to see them all do it together.

4. Playing in the leaves with these 2 hooligans….

5. 3 kids in a box…no words needed.

6. Celebrating St. Nick’s Feast Day! I love this tradition and we only started it a couple of years ago. We recap the life of St. Nick, say a prayer and the the kids get socks, a book, and a couple of candies.

7. Date night with my hubby. We went to our first concert together EVER! Tickets were affordable so we went to see Cole Swindell and Dustin Lynch and it was awesome. A much needed night out with each other!

What beautiful moments have you had recently?? Go check out Kelly’s blog over at This ain’t the Lyceum for 7QT’s on out of the box gift ideas!! They are great!


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Cradle Catholic, Christian, 6 living kids and 2 Saints, homeschooling, unorganized, winging it, living on a prayer type of mom.

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