Mary Christ Mass! 2018

If you are Catholic…you get it. How has your Christmas been so far?? Today is Day 4 of the 12 days?? I think. We haven’t finished our Advent book or wreath reflections so that’s our plan to keep Christmas alive. 😂. We have some kind of sickness bug going through our house. The tree is still up… probably till this weekend. Even though we had some sickness, we did have a blessed and joyful Christmas START. Here’s SQT’s!

1. Three of the kids participated in the children’s pageant at church. Madilyn and Marygrace were angels and Benjimyn was a shephard.

2. We went to mass right after on Christmas Eve. Abbymarie may also have not been feeling well. She was crying pretty much thru the whole mass so I had to leave early with her to sit in the car. 😒

3. The kids exchanged secret santa gifts very quickly after mass. They each were given $5 or used their own $5 to buy one of their siblings a gift.

4.We skipped reading the Bible story of Jesus’ birth until Christmas morning because my daughter wasn’t feeling well.

5.On Christmas morning, they opened their gifts.

6.We played the Saran wrap challenge. My sister started this game last year with her kids and we always have to make things even MORE fun for US so we both wrapped up things the kids DONT want in the Saran wrap…because… it’s funny. It was a mix of candies, dollar bills, quarters, pens, drawing paper, clothespins, used glue stick, Band-Aids, feathers, gum, Pringles, empty Walmart gift card, etc. Its definitely something we will play again and I’m going to make it even better lol. I may just wrap all their gifts in Saran wrap next year….hmmmm.

7. We drove around and looked for Christmas lights. It was actually pretty disappointing bc apparently not many people put lights up around here. 🤷. We did find a few nice houses. In true confession, we didn’t put lights up either this year. We didn’t get to it unfortunately, so maybe I shouldn’t judge other people on their lights..🤔.

Looking back on the day, I regret not doing more to make it more special but it had been a difficult few weeks. I also think about how quiet and humble Jesus’ actual birth was and there is something so special about that. I’m not sure what my kids will remember from it but it’ll probably be the grumbling from me about all the wrapping paper and pieces everywhere and the little ones fighting over the same toy. I’m thinking a no gifts Christmas is in the near future but then I’ll probably cave anyways. Gifts ARE fun to give!


Another confession. I accidentally deleted most of my photos so we had to recreate the Christmas morning ones…🤦😭👍

Check out Kelly’s blog! Click here!! She has some interesting book reads!


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