7QT’s on Ear Tubes, Rashes, And Public Perception.

Life has been pretty uneventful around here but here are 7 updates.

1. After multiple ear infections and multiple homeopathic/OTC and antibiotics…we finally went and scheduled Abbymarie for tubes in her ears. I definitely think this will cut out her need for antibiotics but she is still having some issues/pain that are unresolved after the surgery. We have a follow up with the surgeon and will probably explore a different avenue that’s come to my attention.

2. Since my husband works for the federal government, we are still dealing with the shutdown.

3. We found a $3 game at Dollar General that the kids have been LOVING! Who knew?? Lol. You flip over 2 cards and whoever finds the same animal that is in both will win the cards! The person with the highest card count wins!

4. Marygrace was supposed to get her dental work/surgery done but we decided to wait until the shutdown is over.

5. Ben popped up with a new rash on his hands.

6. I only had one major mom meltdown this week…so that’s a win. Lol.

7. Due to the outrageous media coupled with the fact that we live in a world of 24 hour surveillance, I am having multiple talks with my kids this week. Unfortunately, we are all under immense amounts of scrutiny and can easily be videotaped and judged by our actions , whether good or bad in a matter of seconds across the internet. We all need to be aware of how we act or can be perceived by other people and try to set a good example. How have you been discussing this with your children?? I’m welcome to any suggestions! I also hope that I am never caught doing anything stupid or misconstrued bc I certainly have done many stupid things before!

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