7QT’s on teens, gym class, and cake…

1. My teens attended a “Snowflake” dance. They had fun and I’m glad that they went together. They are the best teens. Thanks be to God!

2. Huge accomplishment…I worked out 2x this week! It’s been awhile since I did…so that’s a big deal to me. 😂

3. I finally kicked the almond creamer habit I think. I mainly use unsweetened almond milk sweetened with honey in my coffee….baby steps.

4. The younger kids (Maddie, Ben, Marygrace) started a homeschool gym class twice a week. Maddie attended two classes and injured herself twice. Shes fine now and loves it. Ben loves it and gives it his all each thru the whole thing. Marygrace is not loving it and hasn’t really participated a whole lot yet. She said her knees hurt and she won’t let me leave her side. I think she sees the other kids and gets upset because she can’t keep up with them but doesn’t know how to express it to me. Hopefully, next week will be better. She’s so tough because she can’t wait to go again! We will keep trying.

The one thing about this girl is that she is willing to keep going. How many adults can say that??

5. Abbymarie is still struggling with a bunch of odd symptoms but the OTC allergy medicine seems to be helping at least somewhat. Red ears, red nose, red fingers and toes, hitting/pulling at her ears, rashes, rubbing fingers, signs of hypermobility. I’m trying not to jump to conclusions. 😕

6. Maddie spent hours making a two layer glutenfree cake for her American Heritage Girls badge and then dropped it. Luckily, she’s a good sport and was able to laugh it off.

7. Thinking ahead to lent. What family activities do you have planned? Our church does not have regular adoration but will be having adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on Fridays. I’m hoping to at least make it there with the family.

We must use mercy in the present and have hope for the future. St. John Bosco.

Check out Kelly’s blog here. https://thisaintthelyceum.org/a-new-case-of-the-februarys/


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Cradle Catholic, Christian, 6 living kids and 2 Saints, homeschooling, unorganized, winging it, living on a prayer type of mom.

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