7qts on why I’m taking the muddy path in life…

I saw that muddy water and I had to laugh because it felt like my life currently. There is a smooth and clear path on the right side that isn’t in the picture. I however, feel like I’m on the muddy path. That’s ok! I’m learning to embrace it.

1. My oldest had a chronic migraine for two weeks and based on a family history of aneurysms, I figure we better get her checked out. She had a CT scan and thank God she is fine …she is being referred to a neurologist after having migraines for 5-6 years, it’s probably time. She also has been having a few other issues but that’ll be in another post.

2. My youngest has been showing some similar symptoms to Marygrace and a few diff symptoms. Off to the pediatrician we went for her too and we are being referred to go back to the genetecist. In the meantime, I am treating with allergy medicine and OTC pain medicine.

3. My son subluxed his knee cap! Luckily, I used to have a physical therapist so I was able to get it back in place and sort of tracking okay… but it is not fully tracking well yet and I’m praying that he doesn’t re-injur it in the meantime. I kinesiotaped it to get the patella to stay in alignment. He does not enjoy his therapy or maybe it’s me?? Lol

3. My daughter was playing with an exercise band and snapped her fingers. We initially thought that maybe she broke one or two but she was able to move them within a couple of hours.

4. Apparently, Marygrace’s hypermobility is not improving with age so far. Until someone figures out how to make connective tissue regenerate, I didn’t really think that was a possibility but I was told that by a doctor 🙄.

5. We went to a small, local, family circus and it was actually, pretty good! Ben was picked to try a hilarious hooping contest but even though he attempted “around the neck hooping” 🤣 ..he didn’t win. He still had fun!

6. Zachary and Benny both started baseball season…⚾🧢. The girls planted tulips.

7. Marygrace was scheduled to have her teeth/cavities fixed with dental surgery BUT after we waited two hours at the surgery center, it was cancelled! The anasthesiologist decided that he needed an updated report for a cardiologist since she has a tiny hole in her heart. (PFO).

Every year before lent starts, a lot of crap usually happens. This year is taking the cake but I’m rolling with it. I will try to write another post updating on all the medical drama soon. #fiat.

“Whatever God wants” St. Gianna Molla

Actually 8 quick takes. Marygrace made it through her homeschool gym class for the first time!! Usually, she is unable to participate much because of pain…I think…(could also be anxious a bit) but I decided to try a different method of pain control and it worked. I am so proud of her. ❤️

Check out even more 7QT’s at Kelly’s Blog!! She talks about spending more times with our teenagers. I definitely need to work on that!



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Cradle Catholic, Christian, 6 living kids and 2 Saints, homeschooling, unorganized, winging it, living on a prayer type of mom.

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