SQT’s on the Cardiologist, New Job, and a Continuous Red Nose Mystery!

1. Marygrace had her appointment with the cardiologist. She did great and they stated that her EKG was good and the PFO is not a cause for concern. They cleared her for dental surgery!

2. Julianna started her job at Chik-Fila! I am glad she chose to work for such a great company and thankful they hired her.

3. Abbymarie is still struggling with on / off red, itchy nose symptoms. Sometimes her ears too. Her nose can be fine one minute, beet red the next, and then back to fine. 🤷. It will do this most days.

4. Marygrace is starting some sort of illness. She woke up with a swollen eye for a few days. I would guess that it’s probably allergies. Also, she’s had another and more painful mouth sore pop up. This little girl can’t catch a break.

5. Kids being kids here….

While I am hoping that they don’t fall out…

6. I’m failing at my Lenten sacrifice pretty much but I keep trying. 🤷.

7. Here’s a throw back to when my 14 yo started T-ball in Louisiana….time goes by so fast! He’s still playing ball and has big goals ! 👊

Check out Kelly’s Quick Takes. She wrote a funny post on the college, cheating scandal Here!


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Cradle Catholic, Christian, 6 living kids and 2 Saints, homeschooling, unorganized, winging it, living on a prayer type of mom.

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