15 Year Anniversary and SQT’s!

1. How is your Lenten sacrifice going?? I’m failing at mine big time. We normally pray the rosary on weekdays too and haven’t even been keeping up with that. It’s a big struggle when you have older teens always out of the house at all different times and several activities to juggle.

2. I forgot to call back and confirm Marygrace’s dental surgery so once again…it’s delayed. I have been trying to get this surgery scheduled for literally over a year. We finally have everything in order and I screwed it up🤦. I did get is rescheduled again so hopefully the next date will work.

3. Abbymarie had her 18 month checkup. She has been dealing with reflux her whole life and we have been on medicine before and after trying multiple other things , we are going back on zantac to see if that helps. She also got x-rays to check to make sure she doesn’t have hip dysplasia. We do not have results yet. She has been showing hypermobility in her hips, hip clicking and some signs of pain in her hips. Her pediatrician was surprised at how severe her hypermobility is.

4. Maddie went on her first overnight camping trip with American Heritage Girls. I was debating on the overnight part but I decided to just let it go and see how it goes. She did great but there were some parts that she was not comfortable with. (ghost stories). She’s very sensitive to things like that so I’m not sure we would do that again…

5. We are keeping busy for sure. Two kids playing baseball, one working, and 3 taking HS gym class. Also, Julie will be attending senior prom next week with friends!

6. Zac and Julie had a dental check-up and both have cavities. 😑.

7. We celebrated our 15 year anniversary! It’s so nice having older kids now because for most of our marriage, we only had date night ONCE a year. This year we have been out several times and actually celebrated our anniversary! I would marry this man over and over again. We do struggle with making time for each other though. What do you do to make time for your spouse and how do you make it QUALITY time??

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Cradle Catholic, Christian, 6 living kids and 2 Saints, homeschooling, unorganized, winging it, living on a prayer type of mom.

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