Why my WORRIES were Useless in SQT’s….

When I was pregnant with my last child (Abbymarie), I was extremely worried. It was during this pregnancy that Marygrace’s symptoms took a huge nosedive. She went from the occasional limping to SEVERE pain and swelling in both her lower extremities. I was begging God and several doctors for answers. I wasn’t sure if she had a progressive muscular disorder, cancer, etc. I woke up each day wondering how I would get through the day. I would listen and watch my daughter writhing in pain and unable to walk. I also was distraught at the thought of taking care of a newborn when I couldn’t even manage to take care of my 2 year old. I knew that my pregnancy was NOT a mistake and that she was conceived for a reason, and very much wanted. I just couldn’t imagine dealing with this EVERY, single day…let alone the future with ANOTHER child. I also had 4 other children to care for. How was I going to manage?? I knew that I couldn’t get through those days with any MORE on my plate. I also know that my husband would amazing but that he would be working a lot. I know so much right?? 😂 Here’s how it played out….

1. There’s a secret that I didn’t know. God only gives you enough grace to handle what you have RIGHT now.

Even though I felt like life was not manageable at that point, I can look back now and realize that God carried us both through it. I struggled and struggled and struggled some more but then I leaned into Jesus more and more and eventually, the days got better.

2. We went though diet changes, conservative tx, home remedies and several medications before we found something that helped. But we found SOMETHING that HELPED. We found a medication that lessened her pain dramatically.

3. We accepted our new normal.

4. We pulled together as a family to help each other. The kids all supported Mary and amazingly, never even complained. Not once.

5. We asked for prayers. We asked family, friends and strangers to pray for Marygrace.

6. We weren’t alone. We had our faith and our God whom is bigger than all our worries.

7. We took our newest addition home and she fit into the family dynamic perfectly. Mary now had a little sister to focus on and help care for. She had the best distraction to her struggles when she is having pain and has a new best friend. There were still some very hard days…even now. However, those hards days are worth it.

The bond between these two keep getting stronger and stronger. Sure, they fight. However, their love is much greater. They both gave us all reasons to love even more. We learned how to love when things don’t go as planned and how to trust when things were falling apart.

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