Dental surgery, Rheumatologist, and SQT!

I am linking up with Kelly’s blog again to do SQT! You can check her blog out here and everyone else who joined up!

1. Finally, we FINALLY had Marygrace’s surgery on her teeth. She had several cavities filled and her two front, chipped teeth were pulled because the roots have died. They were extra careful to be cautious with her jaw due to her hypermobility and she recovered quickly. We are very thankful that went so well.

2. Marygrace also had her rheumatologist appointment. It has taken us awhile to get into a rheumatologist here since we moved and then we found out that she is leaving this practice so now we are on the hunt for another one. There was not much takeaway from the appointment. She has mentioned arthritis, dermatomyositis, and then discussed her symptoms. The rheumatologist mentioned that she would not want to change anything at this point since this is her first time seeing her and since it would also be her last. So we are continuing the celebrex for pain control and her blood work came back normal. Where do we go from here? Only God knows….

3. Julianna has been struggling with chronic migraines so we went to a neurologist and she has officially diagnosed her with migraines. She prescribed a couple medications but Julianna is hesitant to take them at this point.

4. We raised over $400 for our local pregnancy center here and participated in the Lifewalk. Madilyn raised $41 in less than two weeks by herself. She did a great job for the short amount of time we had.

5. My 37th birthday came and went pretty much like another day. Isn’t that how it goes for adults?? Lol.

6. This beautiful went to another formal dance. 😍 And started working at Chik Fil A.

7. We had two beautiful babies born into the family. My brother had a baby boy and my SIL had a babygirl. They are so precious and we can’t wait to meet them!

I will be updating in another post on our Easter. How was YOUR Easter? What traditions do you have for Easter?


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