Easter 2019! In SQT

1. Preparing for Easter….

Last year ,we went to Stations of the Cross at our church on Fridays.

This year for Lent, we went to Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. We may have missed a couple weeks tho… My husband and I would take turns watching the little ones in the church parking lot. My 7 year old would sit and stay with one of us as we switched and then come outside.

2. We saw the Easter Bunny…

3. We attended Good Friday Mass and venerated the cross of Jesus.

4. On Holy Saturday, we broke the unwritten rule of keeping it quiet and my son played baseball and the younger kids went to an Easter egg hunt. I didn’t go. I started some stupid argument that I can’t even remember now and pouted for awhile and then changed my mood and let it go.

5. On Sunday, we woke the kids up early for their “baskets.”. Usually, they have to hunt for their baskets because they are hidden. However, the Easter bunny is finding it harder and harder to hide the baskets in a smaller house. This year, he hid Easter eggs for them to find instead and when they found all their eggs, they could have their “basket”/bag.

6. We made it to 9am mass without any major issues….surprisingly; but forgot to take pictures at church. We did find a beautiful Easter scene set up at the local college to take pictures at.

7. After church, we had a small backyard dinner on the grill and played some whiffle ball. My son hit a ball over a neighbor’s fence and turns out that a friend from church has been living behind us the whole time! Who knew???

I am linking up with Kelly again and you can check her blog and others out here!

Happy Easter! Alleluia Alleluia!

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Cradle Catholic, Christian, 6 living kids and 2 Saints, homeschooling, unorganized, winging it, living on a prayer type of mom.

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